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Why do so many
Internet users believe these people  were dead?

This website is dedicated to discrediting the myth of the stand alone Victorian postmortem photo.  It explores the reasons why so many intellligent people believe that life-like standing postmortem photos exist and it helps answer some questions that many people have about this fascinating subject.


We hope you will take the time to use the menu bar and click around this site.  We would also welcome comments and any additional information you might like to add to the subject.


Mouse over slide show photos for details on each picture.  Click pause button (ll) in lower right hand corner of photo to pause and examine.






This site is designed to be viewed on a computer screen, not a mobile phone. 


If you are a Pinterest user you can find our board here:  These Are Not Victorian Postmortem Photos

Anyone quoting, or reusing  information from this site, MUST  provide a link to this website and give credit to its owner, 

Susan Marville  Cantrell

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